Word Connect - Word Puzzle Games
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Word Connect - Word Puzzle Games review

Word Connect - Word Puzzle Games review

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Word Connect is a word puzzle game combined with the word search mechanic. With thousands of levels and no time limits, it's an easy way to keep even the worst spellers entertained.

Gameplay: A Spin on Scrabble 8/10

Like many other similar games, Word Connect doesn't have in-game characters or a story. Instead, you just make words out of letters. It's like Scrabble, but without score titles, a board or pressure to complete a level. Though it's not the first app to use Scrabble as a base, it still has enough challenge to keep you interested. You get a bunch of letters and try to figure out words.

As with other word puzzle games, things get harder as you make more words out of the available letters. Good thing, you can buy a hint. Players use the money to purchase coins that can be turned into hints.

Graphics: Old School Vibes 9/10

Word Connect has the look and feel of an old school game. Developers tried to replicate the look of rusty materials to make the game appear more authentic. They infused it with retro style designs by using vintage-inspired backgrounds and textures. A monochromatic color scheme is very soothing to the eye. Besides, keeping colors simple helps improve the user experience. Having too many colors would mess up the design.

Lasting Appeal: The Game Is Endless 8/10

The game rewards you with coins as you figure out words, which you can use to buy hints. There are no time limits to worry about, and it makes the game both relaxing and challenging. Ads often appear in between levels, with an option to get rid of them. All in all, Word Connect is a great game for people who have busy lives but still enjoy word puzzles in their downtime.

Controls: Tap Gestures 7/10

Controls are intuitive in Word Connect - just tap on letters to make words. This is an excellent example of a game that uses one simple gesture in a smart way. The only question is to tap or not to tap, and you can immediately get the hang of in-game mechanics.


Word Connect is a perfect on-the-go game. It's easy to pick up whenever you want to exercise your brain, but also easy to put down when you need to get back to work. It's not Scrabble, but it's a fun little game that will keep you busy for a while.


  • No pressure to complete levels
  • Things slowly get harder
  • Challenging enough for adults


  • Ads keep popping up
  • Coins accumulate slowly
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Word Connect - Word Puzzle Games Word Connect - Word Puzzle Games

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