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Toy Blast review

Toy Blast review

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Toy Blast is a casual game where players match blocks of the same color to complete levels and collect cute toys. It's addictive and fun – which is what a casual game should be.

Gameplay: Straightforward 10/10

Toy Blast is your typical matching game. You should match two or more blocks of the same color to score points to get to the next level. The game is standard in play: you have a limited number of tries, and there are boosters and power-up to help you out. When activated, they clear the board. Coin rewards are given at the end of every level.

Toy Blast is simple to learn. It's also a free game with in-app purchases, which is dicey. While you can play it for free, the game encourages you to spend money on extra lives and power-ups. Still, you can beat every level without them.

Graphics: Very Colorful 10/10

The graphics in the game is fun: you're given special cubes, rockets, fireworks, and other items that explode when you use them. If you don't know what to do next, possible matches will jiggle and help you avoid getting stuck. Each level has its own colors. While it's a basic design feature, here it's important. Having changing color schemes keeps players from feeling bored by repetitive levels. Toy Blast's vibrant design adds just enough flare to keep you wanting more.

Lasting Appeal: Endless Fun 9/10

Colorful graphics and action have many people hooked, and boosters help to keep them this way. As you complete levels, you will earn coins, which can be used to move further on the map, open new locations, and extend plays. This simple concept speaks to a broad audience, and the game can provide you with over 100 hours of gameplay.

Controls: Only Two Gestures 8/10

Without any help, you will immediately know how to play Toy Blast. The touch mechanic asks you to tap on the screen to continue and see what happens. Slide your thumb in any direction to start a movement. The movement continues until the thumb is lifted. Not a lot of precision is required at first; in the beginning, the game is just fun.


Toy Blast is a simple game, which is only hampered by the push for you to purchase boosters to help you conquer failed levels. Of course, you don't have to buy anything. But the time will run out, and you won't be able to level up until your next life starts. The wait time isn't that long, though – sometimes it's less than three minutes.


  • You can play offline
  • Save cute characters (elephants, etc.)
  • Competitions take place regularly
  • Possible matches jiggle
  • Easy enough for young kids


  • Can't play against your friends
  • Annoying in-app ads
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