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Tik Tok review

Tik Tok review

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Tik Tok is a free app that specializes in musically-oriented, short videos. Tik Tok features all musical genres in categories like DIY, sports, comedy, dance – pretty much everything.

Interface: Sparks Creative Thinking 10/10

In short, Tik Tok has a great UI design that attracts new users and keeps existing ones hooked. The main page is a discovery feed that auto-plays videos in Full-Screen Mode. Videos are less than 15 seconds long and with music. You just need to swipe down to watch the next video. For users who create TikToks, the normal activity is browsing through the feed and mimicking videos that they find interesting.

Features: Watch Videos Selected Especially for You 10/10

When you launch the app, Tik Tok forms a personalized video feed targeted to your tastes. There are millions of short videos gathered from thousands of creators selected for you and designed to keep you glued to your phone. You may not enjoy a video, but it's easy to move on to the next one and hard to look away.

Tik Tok also offers pro-level accounts for interested users. These accounts give valuable insights into how your followers are responding to your videos. You can also analyze your performance stats. Pro accounts provide useful tools to increase audience engagement.

Usability: There Is Something For Everyone 10/10

User interaction in the feed is very simple: every video automatically plays in full screen. The only thing you need to do is to swipe up. Tik Tok users create content about everything, including financial advice, politics, cooking, children, and anything in between. This shuffle between videos is driven by users, and content creators are inspired by trends.

Compatibility: Works on any Device 10/10

ByteDance, Tik Tok developers, first launched the app for the Chinese market in 2016. One year later, Tik Tok was launched for iOS and Android in most countries. However, it only became available in the US in 2018. Today, Tik Tok servers are based in the market where the respective app is offered.


Tik Tok dominates the market of short-form videos. The network has become so huge that there is a video for everyone. If you haven't checked it out, give it a try. If you aren't using Tik Tok, you're missing out on some exclusive content. For example, Google Ramsay does cooking TikToks while being stuck at home.


  • Automatically creates a personalized reel of videos
  • Limitless possibilities when editing videos
  • Can be your affiliate marketing platform


  • You're handing over huge amounts of data
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