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Telegram X review

Telegram X review

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Telegram X is a messaging app that concentrates on security and smart UI design. It includes basic features of a standard messaging app as well as a few experimental functions.

Interface: Wonderfully Smooth 10/10

The first thing that impresses you right after you launch Telegram X is its smooth interface. Then you will learn smart in-app gestures: just swipe in different directions without ever touching your phone's navigation buttons. In-app windows slide out of your way as you swipe, making the experience fluid and straightforward. The app also has two Nigh Modes: Night Blue and Nigh Black. Telegram X uses device sensors to detect sunrise and sunset.

Features: Everything Is Easy To Use 10/10

Developers got the idea for Telegram X from the Telegram Database Library, which sprung from a competition that aimed to improve speed, ease of use, and quality of animations. Therefore, it is faster than the majority of the compatible apps and has a "bubble-free messages" feature that expands media to its full size.

Thanks to a preview feature, you can tap and hold on a chat to preview messages and use gestures to quickly switch between them. Finally, there are profile pages with media that you've sent, attachment menus, and a music player. You can launch most of it with a single swipe.

Usability: High 10/10

Telegram X is a nice and smooth app with impressive animations. You can also get previews of current conversations. The text size is easily configurable. The app supports adding many accounts, which is useful for people with more than one phone. Besides, you can delete your account and your data if you don't want to come online.

Compatibility: Removed from App Store 4/10

As of now, Telegram X can run on PC independently of the mobile app. You can also download the app to your Android device. However, it has been removed from the App Store. According to Pavel Durov, Telegram's founder, the app had made inappropriate content available to users. He also said that the app would be back on the App Store one day.


Telegram X explores new frontiers in ease of use and speed. It also offers an abundance of options and shortcut gestures. You can swipe right on a message to open a forwarding menu or left to switch between chats. The app is full of pleasant surprises on every corner.


  • Fast and responsive UI
  • Shows content in an ordered fashion
  • Has the best animations


  • You need a YouTube app to view videos
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