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Snapchat review

Snapchat review

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Snapchat is an app that lets you share photos and videos that self-destruct. That is, you can set a lifespan on everything you share so that it can be viewed for a few seconds.

Interface: Too Minimal 6/10

Snapchat refuses to follow any design norms and visual metaphors that have grown up around phones. Learning to master its features takes time. Even people who have been using Snapchat for a while can't be sure they know everything. When you open the app, you're confronted by the Camera screen and a button. No one tells you what to do; you must discover it yourself. From there, you can capture snaps, start chats, and switch to stories.

Features: Innovative and Exciting 9/10

The most important button is the clock, where you set a life span if your photos and videos. They will be accessible to recipients for as long as you want it. You can choose a lifespan between one and ten seconds.

Snapchat acts very differently from other social networks, and it feels fresh and exciting compared to apps without this killer-feature. You have to learn through experience that you need to swipe right to view Stories or left to view conversations. You can also swipe down to get a scannable badge that you can use to connect with other Snapchat users.

Usability: Perfect for Quick Chats 8/10

Once you learn how to use it, the app can be your go-to tool for sending videos, messages, and photos. Developers say that Snapchat was created with a simple vision, and they don't want to make it too complicated. Thus, you can't use the app for groups. Group messaging is limited to broadcast messages.

Compatibility: Some Platforms Are Left Out 6/10

You can download Snapchat for free from the Google Play store. There is also a version for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPad Air. You will have no trouble installing it on Nexus 5X and other old LG smartphones. However, Windows 10 users are left out in the cold.


Understanding Snapchat can be a challenge. It doesn't follow modern rules of how apps should work. But unlike many social networks, it has survived and thrived. Developers have doubled down, working to refine the features they already have. Regardless of its imperfections, the app is very entertaining.


  • Fun way to share photos and videos
  • Send instant messages to Snapchat users
  • Quickly video-chat with your friends


  • No help for new users
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