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Red Dead Redemption 2 review

Red Dead Redemption 2 review

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world game that tells you a story of Arthur Morgan and his Van der Linde gang. You explore the Old West with your horse, taking on missions to aid your mates.

Gameplay: Become A Wild West Gangster 9/10

The story is a bit slow at first. When you start the game, you are introduced to the main characters and their roles, along with how to play. You will have to go through missions aimed at teaching you how the world works. The process can take several hours before you get to the actual open world.

The main character is Arthur Morgan, a gang member who was forced to flee. The gang is chased by bounty hunters and federal agents. You'll quickly realize that Arthur isn't that special. This is one of the best things about the game – you're playing a day of a typical Wild West outlaw.

Graphics: Wonderfully Detailed 10/10

The game offers an enormous open-world map. The characters and the combat look fine, but it is giant towns and vast landscapes aimed at mimicking the Wild West that really set the game apart. Shots can disarm targets and maim enemies. Trees sway in the wind. Horses kick if you attack them. Mounted enemies can get their legs caught in the stirrup. The list goes on, and it's amazing how detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 is.

Lasting Appeal: Over 100 Hours of Gameplay 10/10

Undertaking additional quests, hunting and fishing is a separate game in its own right. RDR2 boasts a wide range of environments, from deserts to swamps to mountaintops. The majority of side quests help to get more money, which you can spend on upgrading the gang camp. Besides, there are hundreds of animals to hunt and record, including legendary ones.

Controls: A Bit Stiff 7/10

Navigating through menus is easy. Still, the main character maneuvers with the grace of a tank, and every turn feels a bit sluggish. His movements look amazing in-game but feel stiff in execution. Players also complain about a finicky cover system and mention troubles getting into a safe position.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a brilliantly designed game with hours of gameplay and a compelling story. It can be a bit frustrating to make your way to every destination, but you become attached to the story and characters and enjoy every step along the way.


  • Believable surroundings and engaging storyline
  • Fantastic sound and visual design
  • Varied open-world with cool fights


  • Controls feel stiff sometimes
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