Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar)
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Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) review

Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) review

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Police Detector is a tool that will make your phone work as a radar detector. While not perfectly accurate, knowing you're close to a speed camera can save you from a ticket.

Interface: Nothing Special 6/10

Police Detector is a user-friendly app, even though the interface looks a bit boring. Still, all it takes is a press on an icon located at the bottom of the screen, after which it will automatically mark speed cameras and police patrols. As for the main screen, warnings appear distinctly for easy visibility. The app is available for free, even though there are in-app ads and purchases. One downside is that you have to get used to an ad banner at the bottom of the app.

Features: Creatively Uses Geo-Location Data 9/10

Police Detector takes a creative spin on using geo-location data to help drivers avoid old and new speed traps. By installing the app, you'll get the heads up on red-light cameras, speed cameras, and live police. The app uses WiFi and phone's positioning system to keep tabs on where you are. It also uses GPS to give you precise positioning on the road.

The data comes from other app users and is updated monthly. It takes only about 20 active users to provide enough coverage for new traps and live police. It works every time when the cops have their radars on. The app has a large user base, so you'll often see new alerts and icons. It's a great tool to use to avoid areas with the highest risk for receiving a ticket.

Usability: Comes in Handy 8/10

In an urban jungle, drivers who prioritize user compatibility will strike gold with Police Detector. The app delivers the latest info on speed cameras and provides you with the safest route possible. It also gives alerts ahead of time, and while running on the background. There are several thousand drivers who contribute to the app, adding to its credibility. For people frequently going on road trips, it will become the best friend.

Compatibility: Average 6/10

As phones became a staple in our lives, it's no surprise that app developers came up with a radar detector that works on a smartphone. Police Detector is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can also install it on Android devices. The app requires iOS 12.1 or above to operate.


Police Detector provides you with timely warnings and location icons for stationary radar guns and lives police in your area. The app is community-oriented. You should report radar detectors and police units by placing an icon on the map for other drivers to see.


  • Warns you way ahead of time
  • Navigate the streets without the hassle
  • Monthly updates include new speed cameras


  • Some users experience random freezing
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Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar) Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar)
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