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Microsoft Edge review

Microsoft Edge review

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Microsoft Edge is a free browser that runs on iOS and Android. It offers more features you'd expect in a mobile browser and is very easy to use.

Interface: Zippy and Responsive 10/10

The websites load very quickly, and the browser is zippy and polished. Even if you open 10 tabs, it won't affect loading times. As for the interface, Edge doesn't have popular frou-frous, such as the ability to mark up and share pages with others. The first version of the browser had confusing tab-handling mechanics that were unnecessary. The new version minimizes the barrier to entry.

Features: Many Neat Tricks 9/10

Microsoft Edge is full of neat tricks. To kick things off, there is a variety of usual functions, such as adding to favorites, sharing links, and importing bookmarks. The browser has a built-in Dark mode, but it can't overwrite original color schemes. There are also modes for readers that allow you to read a website without the custom formatting.

Edge comes with a Collection feature. You can create collections of images, text snips, and web pages with a drag and drop gesture. It can come in handy for saving something for later without cluttering up Favorites.

Usability: Excellent 10/10

Microsoft Edge is perfect for quick searches. While many other web browsers include audio input and offer to search with your voice. Edge lets you search by scanning things. You just need to tap the camera button on the main page of the browser to scan objects and find where to buy them.

Compatibility: On All Major Platforms 9/10

Microsoft Edge was first released for Windows 10 in 2015, then for iOS and Android in 2017. The Mac version arrived in 2019. In 2020, Microsoft began an automatic browser rollout for all Windows 10 versions from 1803 to 2004. The browser is also compatible with Cortana and has extensions available for free in Microsoft Store.


Microsoft Edge is a worthy rival to popular browsers. It is chock-full of features. It's faster than Chrome and doesn't have any major bugs. It is still a work in progress, and functions may come and go over time. As of now, it's a browser that should be taken seriously.


  • Convenient reading modes
  • On-page lookup with Cortana
  • Very speedy and responsive interface


  • Hard to browse your search history
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