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Matchington Mansion: Match-3 Home Decor Adventure review

Matchington Mansion: Match-3 Home Decor Adventure review

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Matchington Mansion is a match-3 makeover puzzle game. You can renovate your house, power-up levels, and more by matching candy. Help your friend out during what's sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

Gameplay: Fun and Addictive 8/10

This is a match-3 puzzle game, so you need to win matching candy and earn points that can be used to perform tasks (getting doors fixed, cleaning, etc.) and purchase furniture. You're guided by your designer friend Tiffany who helps you renovate a manor. Points that you earn can also be used to buy extra lives and boosters.

You will unlock new rooms to decorate as you progress, and the game gets harder with every level. You can check out houses of other players and discover secrets hidden on their property – all with a cast of funny characters in tow.

Graphics: Cartoony and Cute 9/10

Matchington Mansion offers lots of decoration options and some charismatic, cartoony characters. Also, if you want to change a piece of furniture, you can do it with complete freedom. The game uses 3D graphics with colorful, detailed images. Objects carefully mimic real-world furniture. The game is kid-friendly, and there is no age-restricted content. The twist of working on a mansion is clever, and the game appeals to puzzle lovers.

Lasting Appeal: Keeps You Busy For Days 10/10

Matchington Mansion comes with hundreds of levels with backgrounds and surroundings that change once you've completed the level. There is also a sense of exploration as you turn the house into whatever you want it to be. Not every level is meaningful, but there is a solid sense of progression.

Controls: Tap and Slide 10/10

When it comes to navigation and controls, the game is easy. Players get lots of guidance, so you won't get confused or stuck. You can't verbally interact with characters or other players. Tiffany, your in-game designer friend, does the communication and legwork, which takes control out of your hands.


Adding a decorating component makes a classic match-3 game more fun. Matchington Mansion has some new mechanics that make it stand out. However, it gets to the point where you almost have to spend money to beat the level. Still, every level is winnable.


  • Cute and well-scripted characters
  • Strong sense of progression
  • Breezy yet challenging gameplay


  • Hard to beat without buying boosters
  • You can't play offline
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Matchington Mansion: Match-3 Home Decor Adventure Matchington Mansion: Match-3 Home Decor Adventure

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