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Libby, by OverDrive review

Libby, by OverDrive review

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Libby is a new app that allows you to borrow e-books for free. You can browse collections, search for titles, get holds, be notified when books show up on your virtual shelves, and much more.

Interface: Super Cute and Responsive 10/10

Libby has the cutest and the most responsive interface of all online libraries we've ever seen. Libby is a character, and you can even change her skin color. The app is easy to figure out, and it works smoother than apps with similar capabilities. When you listen to audiobooks, you can see the percentage sign for your progress. To navigate Libby, just type a book title or an author and scroll to find books.

Features: There Is Something for Everyone 10/10

Libby connects directly to your local library and to its entire database of audiobooks and e-books. You can add all your libraries and assign cards to every library. Toggling from one card to another takes less than a second. You can also send Kindle e-books directly to your Kindle.

When a title comes up on hold, it is added to your digital shelf. OverDrive doesn't have this feature, and you would have to log-in and then manually add a book. So much teeth-grinding avoided with ease. You can also see your Libby history. This means you can check out books you've read before and re-place holds on them.

Usability: Convenient and Helpful 10/10

Libby helps you enjoy reading from anywhere, encouraging you to explore different genres and making it extremely easy to borrow books. You can expand your personal reading list without having to purchase anything. Some people with limited budgets may find it particularly useful. There are also special book categories for children and teens.

Compatibility: Compatible with Most Smartphones 7/10

Download Libby for free for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Unfortunately, there are no desktop capabilities. Besides, it isn't compatible with as many devices as OverDrive, although it works with the majority of phones. The setup process is seamless, and it's the easiest online-library app we've ever used.


Libby is designed especially for use on smartphones, and it's just streamlined, smooth, and user-friendly. There are little inconveniences, but they don't outweigh the flexibility and variety offered by the app. It brings libraries to your fingertips. If you haven't tried it out, give it a spin.


  • Download books for offline reading
  • Sample books with a tap
  • Keep your loans and holds on one shelf


  • You need a library card
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