Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor, is a popular video game developed by Dynamic Pixels, a Russian video games studio. It was first released in 2015 and gained huge popularity since then. It is currently one of the most top-rated iOS and Android games.

Gameplay: Interesting and Sometimes Scary Plot 9/10

The game is about sneaking into your neighbor’s basement without getting caught. Using Artificial Intelligence, your actions are being analyzed, and the neighbor’s behavior changes following these actions. If you get caught by the paranoiac neighbor, you are automatically sent back to your house. Next time you try to set traps – your movements will be deducted from previous experiences, so it is advised to change tactics. The player may use the ”friendly” mode, which will make the neighbor less aggressive.

Graphics: Simple but Classy 7/10

Nothing special about the game’s graphics. It is designed in the form of a cartoon, so you do not need a powerful and expensive computer to run it. Nevertheless, the image and sounds are clear so you can feel the tension your character experiences. 

Lasting Appeal: You Won’t Get Any Rest Until You Succeed 9/10

Artificial Intelligence is used to change the neighbor’s behavior in accordance with your actions. This makes the game unpredictable. In addition to this, some thrilling and scary moments are going to keep your heart beating fast while playing. You are going to try newer tricks and ways to get where you want without being caught. The game’s total score of over four stars out of five, both on Android and iOS, makes words unnecessary when describing its Lasting Appeal.

Controls: Difficult to Plan – Easy to Play 9/10

There are no difficult button combinations since the game is also available in touchscreen mode on iOS and Android. If you have Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, or a PC with Windows installed on it – be free to download Hello Neighbor and enjoy it on your device.

There are definitely more pros than cons when it comes to Hello Neighbor.


  • Does not have age restrictions –gamers under 18 can play it too
  • Changes the plot depending on your previous actions
  • Can be played on various devices


  • Relatively simple graphics and single-player mode only
  • But let’s use fewer words and more actions. Download your free version of the game and start playing it today to live your own horror experience with a wacky neighbor
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