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Google Assistant review

Google Assistant review

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Google Assistant is an app available on Android devices. It is an actual virtual assistant, making it easy for you to use your phone in a hands-free manner. It was initially launched in 2016, as part of one of Google’s messaging applications. Nowadays, it is available for download, free of charge, on devices with Android 5 or above Operation System.

Usability: Use Your Voice! 9/10 

You only have to say HEY GOOGLE to get what you want from your device, which makes this application’s usability quite high. No need to unlock the phone, or use your hands at all for that matter.

Interface: Doesn’t Need One -/10 

Google Assistant doesn't have much of an interface of its own. Its visual appearance depends on what command it receives. For instance, it will open the browser for you, display a currency converter, etc. All depending on what you tell it to do.

Features: Voice Command Recognition 7/10 

The Assistant allows you to use voice commands to connect to your device. You can:

- Set up an alarm;

- Search the Internet;

- Call a person;

- Launch applications;

- Get prompt answers;

- Play video and audio files;

- Get GPS directions and find locations;

- Answer phone calls, emails and messages in a hands-free mode;

- Control smart home appliances;


The main priority is for all these to be done in a hands-free mode (although you may use the keyboard at your own discretion), which means you stay connected while driving or having your hands busy with anything else.

Google Assistant helps you manage your calendar – remembering appointments and reminding you about them when asked to.

You get to choose what information you share with the device that has Google Assistant on it – and have to be aware that some of the recordings may be used for voice recognition improvement purposes. Past recordings may be permanently deleted.

Compatibility: Both Android and IOS 5/10

 It is compatible with Android and Apple devices (as an alternative for iOS own voice command application –Siri). It is not compatible with phones, tablets, and other technology using older versions of the operating system. It only works on Android 5 and later versions. Nevertheless, statistics say that over 1 billion devices used Google Assistant in 2020.


  • Hands-Free application
  • Finds answers to most common questions
  • Helps you manage your day or your data


  • Not available in some of the world's languages

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