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Fortnite review

Fortnite review

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Fortnite is an extremely popular game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. The game is available on most popular platforms and is mostly known for its Battle Royale mode.

Gameplay: a truly unique experience 10/10

Fortnite has two game modes, the first one is the main game, which is a hybrid between tower defense and shooter genres. However, the most popularity was gained by the free-to-play Battle Royale mode, so we will focus our review on this mode. 

There exist a lot of Battle Royale games, but Fortnite manages to provide a unique experience as it has several outstanding features. The main of them is, of course, building. Unlike all other games of this genre, Fortnite allows you to gather resources and use them in building forts or ladders, which definitely make the experience fresh.

Graphics: Stylish and smooth 9/10

The visual part of the game is made in something close to a cartoon style, far from being realistic. Though it looks pretty attractive, as long as you are fine with this unserious style. The objects are detailed, the visual effects and animations are smooth, and it is clearly possible to see the hard work of Epic Games.

Lasting appeal: Good choice for everyday gaming 8/10

Fortnite is an online game with many people in every session, which makes every loadout unique. The original game’s replay value is extremely high. Moreover, Epic Games constantly updates Fortnite with fresh content, making the game even more replayable. Each season the developers try to refresh the experience by adding new features and changing the meta.

Controls: Not so perfect on mobile 4/10

Though the controls on PC and console versions of Fortnite work nicely, the mobile version is an unlucky exception. Like in most shooters, it is not comfortable to aim with sensor controls and it is almost impossible to shoot while moving. It is also hard to master building and create the forts fast enough. Though there is an option to connect a gamepad to the mobile device, which solves the problem.

Conclusion: A must play

The game’s popularity did not come from nothing. It may not appeal to everyone, but it is definitely worth trying. Playing on a sufficient level on mobile devices will require connecting a gamepad, but it is not necessary to check out the game.

The regular updates make it interesting to revisit Fortnite each season and enjoy some fresh experience prepared by Epic Games.


  • Stylish and attractive graphics
  • Great performance and optimization
  • Regular updates, which can change the core of the gameplay
  • Huge community with its own life
  • Free-to-play with only visual skins monetization


  • Not so comfortable to play on mobile
  • Some of the skins are quite expensive
  • Some gamers find the style not attractive at all
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