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FIXD - Vehicle Health Monitor review

FIXD - Vehicle Health Monitor review

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FIXD - Vehicle Health Monitor is an app for tracking car errors that works in pair with FIXD tracker. It is a popular and cheap tool for maintaining your vehicle, which assists the car owner in various ways.

Interface: Does it’s job well 8/10

The interface of FIXD app is simple and intuitive in terms of navigation, yet it is rather functional. It is easy to start using all the features, and you will not get lost in thousands of menus. The app allows setting specific settings for error notifications, the design even includes visual monitoring of essential health parameters of the car, such as battery power level and oil temperature. 

Features: All in one 9/10

As mentioned above, the app works in pair with the FIXD device. The tracker is installed into an OBD-II port and connected with the app. This pair grants the owner a whole bundle of features. It tracks oil temperature, battery level, diagnoses engine, wipers and brakes. In case something does not work properly, the app sends an error notification, which describes the problem’s essence. 

What makes the app even greater is the additional functions pack. It can track the dates between car maintenance sessions and remind the driver to perform the next one. It suggests different counterparts and supplies depending on the car model, in case it is necessary to replace something. It also keeps the logbook of actions and allows you to register several vehicles for one account.

Usability: Casual driver’s best mate 9/10

The comfortable design of the app is complemented by the convenience of the features. The errors are not described in complicated car language, so even the most casual drivers would understand the issue. The device itself is easy to set up: you just install it into the port, connect it to the app, and you’re ready to go.

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and OBD-II port 8/10

FIXD app is compatible with most smartphones on Android, starting with 5.0 version and with most IOS devices, starting from iPad 2 and iPhone 4. The device, which is plugged in a car, is compatible with any car having an OBD-II port. Most modern cars have such ports, so the odds it is suitable for your car are very high. 

Conclusion: Great tool for maintaining your car

The device itself costs about $60, which is not very high for such a powerful tool. FIXD does it’s job pretty well, tracking the vital indicators of your car and warning you about actual and potential problems. Though, some customers complain that their devices have stopped working some time after the purchase. Yet, the reviews on app stores are mostly good, so most devices seem to work properly.


  • A lot of functions for $60
  • Great compatibility with phones and cars
  • The app will help to prevent expensive repairs
  • The notifications will remind you about maintenance
  • Plug and play, easy and fast setup


  • Some users report failures of the device
  • Some functions are available only with premium subscription
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