TikTok Surpasses 2 Billion Downloads on iOS and Android

One of the world’s most popular video-sharing networks, TikTok, topped 2 billion downloads. The platform continues to grow incredibly fast, despite national security concerns of the US government. Sensor Tower published analysis results on April 30. The figures are based on the total number of TikTok and Douyin (Chinese version of the app) downloads on Google Play and App Store. 

TikTok has become the first app after Facebook’s great trio of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram to surpass the 2-billion milestone since the initial launch of the Sensor Tower app analytics in 2014. Surprisingly, the period between the 1.5-billion and 2-billion marks took only 5 months. The app has also generated the highest number of quarterly downloads ever, with 315 million downloads in Q1 2020. 

Such apps as Gmail, YouTube, and others by Google have over 5 billion downloads each, but such a number is based on the number of products installed on Android smartphones and tablets from the box. 

Such popularity growth has also enhanced ByteDance’s revenues. Users have spent over $450 million on the app to date – over 72% of spendings located in China. The second top-spender is the US. Despite 75,5% of downloads that have been generated by Android users, Apple users have spent $435.3 million of $456 million. What are your predictions for the service’s future? Share your suggestions in the comments and share the news with other users.