New Apex Legend Character and Assassins Creed Valhalla Details Revealed

Ubisoft has finally revealed a surprisingly long 4-minute cinematic trailer of the next installment in the developer’s flagship series, Assassins Creed. Assassins Creed Valhalla will be set in the Viking age. You will play Eivor, who can be a man or a woman, and lead your Viking clan to a better life on new lands away from freezing Norway. The narrative director of the game says that the story will be very unusual for the series as it relies on structuring story experiences that we haven’t seen before. 

If you want to catch more details about the upcoming game, wait for the Inside Xbox online event on May 7. That’s where Ubisoft will be showing off Valhala’s gameplay and many more features. The event will also present next-gen gameplay examples by Microsoft and its partners. 

Apex Legends, a popular PC and console multiplayer shooter, has announced a new character. It will be a female legend who lost her father when she was a small child. She grew up and became a professional thief, which lets her see, reveal, and steal the loot. Loba Andrade will join the roster in Season 5 that’s scheduled for May 12. What do you think about a thief character in Apex? Will it be a game-changer for you? Besides, do you anticipate the next Assasins Creed chapter as much as we do? Join the conversation in the comments and share the good news with your friends on social networks. Stay tuned!