Taking The Most Out Of FIFA 20: Detailed Guidance

FIFA 20 is a football simulator developed by EA Romania and EA Vancouver and released by Electronic Arts. It is the 27th game in a FIFA series. The game came out on September 27, 2019. It is available for Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The whole series is considered to be a huge success in this genre.

With each new game, developers continue to provide more features and twists in the plot. And while it is fun to dig deeper into gameplay, finding out something you always wanted to try in the game, sometimes you can easily get lost. This is why it is so important to have guidance when you enter the game. We have created a map that will lead you through the game and help you to keep up with its pace.

Career Mode Updates

FIFA 20 picture 1

If you have ever played FIFA games, it does not mean that you will be able to find many similarities to it in the FIFA 20. Developers added an enormous number of improvements in the career mode. All players have an opportunity to choose what they want to do. There are two ways to go. You can start by creating a football player. You are the one in charge of his look, skills, stats, and what team he belongs to. You grow the player’s skills from the beginning. And it is completely up to you whether your football player becomes a champion or not.

Another way to go is to build a career as a football club manager. This is a great career opportunity for those who do not want to become professional football players, but still want to get involved in the football industry. There is a completely different approach for club managers. You will not take part in football matches. Instead, you will have to build various tables, calculate chances, search for new players who will benefit your team. It will be your responsibility to make press conferences, look for business partners, persuade them to get involved. Your actions will be evaluated, as well. There is a morality meter, and you will have to try hard to help the team with your own decisions.

Volta Gateway

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Take a good rest in Volta, playing street football. This mode is something you can’t see in any of the previous FIFA games. Volta mode is also the reason for many players to buy FIFA 20. Volta is a Portuguese word for “Return,” and this is what happens when fans of the series here about Volta mode. It is not a simulation anymore, but an exciting arcade in front of you.

Volta offers you to try your skills in street football. The action takes place in vivid streets, filled with colorful buildings, graffiti on the walls, sun lighten exotic nature. You have to create a character similarly to career mode. This time you may choose whether your football player will be a man or woman. There are popular voice actors and an army of writers behind the plot of this mode. You will dive inside a story and will be able to explore everything around you.

Ultimate Team Mode

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If you feel bored with Volta’s short vacation or Career mode, but still want to enjoy your single-player campaign, you may try Ultimate Team mode. Go there after you have done everything you could in the career mode. This time you will have to lead your football team to victory. You can pick your own dream team with all your favorite football players. There is a great choice of players for you. FIFA 20 offers 88 football legends. Developers added 15 more players you have not seen in the previous game.

Besides, there are 90 football stadiums for you. They were copied from real licensed stadiums in 14 different countries. There are also 29 generic stadiums at your services. You will see 3 more Spanish stadiums, Bramall Lane stadium, and 13 stadiums from the Bundesliga.

As for the multiplayer mode, this time it is truly rewarding. You may see the perks of a battle pass system. The store contains numerous great features. In addition, there will be King of the Hill and other modes coming soon. Players will receive points for just dribbling the ball at the randomly selected location. There is a Mystery ball mode if you want to see what happens when the ball goes out of the play.


The covers of the next FIFA game are always one of the main discussed topics among fans. This time FIFA 20 developers did their best to attract as many fans of football as possible. They signed the contract with not one but three football stars. Eden Hazard, the Real Madrid winger, can be seen on the Regular Edition cover. Virgil van Dijk, the Liverpool defender, is on the Champions Edition. And the Ultimate Edition will be decorated with the portrait of Zinedine Zidane, a legend and a former midfielder of Real Madrid. The last name was kept in secret for a long time. But fans can’t be happier knowing that their favorite players are on FIFA 20 covers.

Legacy Edition

FIFA 20 Legacy Edition picture

You receive a chance to try new locations, new modes, new careers, and even new legendary football players with FIFA 20. PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms offer the same options for their users. However, the Nintendo Switch version will be a little bit different. It is called Legacy Edition, and it contains almost all modes and features described above. Yet, there will be no Volta mode on this platform, at least for now.

Is FIFA 20 Worth Buying?

Apparently, FIFA 20 is one of the most awaited games of the year. It was discussed even before the previous version release. Critics are really generous when it comes to the FIFA 20 reviews. Perhaps it is Volta mode that melts their hearts. It is hard to predict what exactly makes the game successful. All we know is that there are so many amazing features, it is hard to resist. Everyone can find something attractive about FIFA 20. There is a story behind the mode, the choice you can make, amazing graphics, 88 legendary football players, great covers, and female football players we can choose.

Have you already checked out FIFA 20? Share your opinion about the game in the comments below. Do you think it is worth playing? Which game in the series is your favorite? If you somehow did not like the game, tell us why.