Divide and Rule: 10 Games About Politics

Political simulators and strategies give players a chance to create, develop, and govern countries. It's a perfect opportunity to feel the power and to see the consequences of different political decisions. The games of this genre are both entertaining and instructive in some way. Here you'll find ten fascinating games related to politics in its various forms. 

Urban Empire

Urban Empire game screenshot

Urban Empire is an economical urban planning simulator in which the player will lead the dynasty of mayors for 200 years. Create the infrastructure of the city from the very beginning. The plot begins in the 1820s and continues to this day. You have to adapt to each era, solving the problem of politics, economy, crime, etc. Unlike other urban simulations, Urban Empire focuses on political decisions against the background of social and historical events.

Democracy 3

Democracy 3 game screenshot

Democracy 3 is a classical political strategy released by Positech Games and Red Marble Games in 2013. The game is available for users of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux platforms. The player becomes the president of a virtual country and tries to lead it to prosperity. Each step leads to inevitable consequences, which are impossible to predict. Use the "focus group" feature to find out how individual voters decided to vote or not to vote for you. 

This game describes political power issues as realistically as possible. There are no vivid colors and action. Only hard work helps you to create a sustainable economy, maintain political power, and strengthen its status. 

Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 game screenshot

Crusader Kings 2 is a global real-time strategy game released by Paradox Interactive in 2012. In 2020, the fans expect to see Crusader Kings 2. Doges, dukes, and other persons of title govern Middle Age republics and scheming. Dynastic marriages, bribery, murders, and arrests are an integral feature of local politics. And if you are lucky, you'll become Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire or Byzantium. 

Tropico 4

Tropico 4 game screenshot

Tropico 4 is a colorful strategy dedicated to the daily life of a Hispanic dictator who rules the remote island in the Caribbean. The entire series is full of humor and satire, combining the features of simple urban development simulator and political simulator. Every resident of the island has their character, class, and political preferences. Regular elections in the country are a separate attraction that will force the player to go to the polls, craft votes, and bribe voters. 

President for a Day: Flooding

President for a Day: Flooding game screenshot

Game events start just two weeks before the election. You are sure that you will be re-elected and will be the president of Pakistan for another five years, but problems arise soon, and you must fight for your career. If you do not show real power and rule with speed and determination, you will lose everything. The game is a turn-based strategy, which does not have any super-graphics but is an excellent representative of the genre. The game, by the way, also has one more attractive version – President for a Day: Corruption. 

Europa Universalis

Europa Universalis game screenshot

Europa Universalis is a global strategy by Paradox Entertainment. It demonstrates a high level of historical authenticity. There is a range of historical figures for every country, and every ruler has a set of specific skills. The player will have to govern one nation, passing through hundreds of years of wars, revolutions, and conspiracies.


Civilization game screenshot

Civilization is a legendary strategy where the players have to create and develop their country. Gamebryo released it in 1991, and the latest version is available since 2016. You can choose a historical figure and get the perks connected with their biography and achievements. For example, Cleopatra gives you the Wonders of the World perks, Elizabeth I — the fleet, and if you choose Peter the Great, you'll get the perks of resource handling. 

Epochs and political orientation are developing simultaneously. The mood depends on the ruler. If you choose Gandhi as your character, the pacifistic spirit will prevail in your country. By this choice, religion also becomes an essential part of the state. Furthermore, you can win in political, scientific, military, religious, cultural, diplomatic aspects. 

Power and Revolution

Power and Revolution game screenshot

Eversim released Power and revolution in 2019. It is the fourth version of the geopolitical simulator series. Here a player takes the role of the head of state or the leader of the opposition party. Responsibilities include solving economic problems, as well as social and military ones. The main advantage of the game is the detailed world and up-to-date graphic.  

Morgan Park: Papers, Please

Morgan Park: Papers, Please game screenshot

The game by Lucas Pope was released in 2013. Papers, Please is a simulator of passport control border guard. The game also has elements of a quest and RPG. The developer of Papers, Please got a lot of prestigious awards for this game. Every day you will have more and more responsibilities. Your primary responsibility is matching photos of visitors with pictures of international criminals who are wanted. 

The players also have to scan documents to determine gender, fingerprinting, and much more. If everything is fine with the docs, then you can let a foreigner pass the boundary. In the case of falsification, you have to stop criminals. 

Victoria 2

Victoria 2 game screenshot

Victoria 2 is an outstanding work of Paradox Studio. It is a strategy where the player selects one country from the list. So you will govern one of 200 states that existed from 1836 to 1936. As a ruler, you have to fix economic, social, political, and other issues to make your country powerful and wealthy. 

Ways to Study Politics

Now you have a list of political simulators and games with elements of politics. Try to rule the country as a president, monarch, or another titled person. A lot of games also allow you to choose from the list of real historical figures. Build the cities, unmask conspiracies, do your best to make voters elect you, and have fun. Comment the post to let us know about your favorite game. Please share with your friends to give them a leisure idea and subscribe.