5 Best Nintendo Black Friday Deals, Including Free Nintendo Labo

Black Friday is a bit like life itself. And life is like a box of chocolates, or rather of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – so not only you never know what you’re gonna get, you aren’t even sure it’s candy at all. So an experienced Black Fridayist will never rush in without a thorough check. Luckily, it’s not the case with the Nintendo UK store this year: Black Friday deals by this company are really sweet.

The deals of Black Friday 2019 are a real gift to all the Nintendo fans, eager to purchase something they wouldn’t any other day. Not only do they include digital items, but also Nintendo Labo, a toolset that turns your Switch into various interactive toys. There are also serious discounts on accessories, merchandise and, of course, games. But let’s follow the list, as Nintendo has a lot to offer this weekend.

Buy a Switch, get a Labo for free!

Labo screenshot

Labo is a unique example of a hardware game that offers a set of various items that turn your console into… well, into anything. These pieces are accompanied by software that detects the accessories and runs the app to reveal what it is. For example, you can have your Nintendo Switch as a VR device, as a digital piano, as a vehicle, and as virtually anything!

If you want to try it, the time is now. This Black Friday, you can have your Nintendo Labo for free if you purchase a Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo Official UK Store. There are multiple options: Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, with various accessories, that usually is £60, lets you play the piano, go fishing, and do other things. Vehicle Kit that turns your devices to vehicles (£60 as well) is a gift for those into racing games. With it, you can make a cart, a plane, a submarine-based on Switch and actually control them! And yes, racing games, including Mario Kart Deluxe, easily integrate with this. And, finally, Robot Kit (£70) is designed for creating an anthropomorphic robot suit with active pulleys and a visor; so you use your body with it to control a virtual robot in a game!

That’s what no other console has in store. If you want to enjoy these tricks, Nintendo has it up to its sleeve, so hurry up to buy your Switch and select your Labo bonus.

Buy a Switch Lite, get Nintendo Switch Online!

Nintendo Switch Online screenshot

No console is an island entire of itself; every console is a piece of the network, a part of the mainland. So playing without Nintendo Switch Online is just a cut experience, compared to what fun it can provide. You can also save your games in a cloud or download classic titles to play locally, play against other users and get exclusive offers. Of course, a usually online membership is paid, worth £17.99. But this Black Friday, if you purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite, you automatically get your subscription for 12 months from the moment you activate it.  

Get your New Nintendo 2DS XL and New Nintendo 3DS XL with a Discount!

New Nintendo 2DS X screenshot

Handheld consoles by Nintendo have become classics, being surprisingly rarely updated. The latest generation of 3DS was released in 2014, and 2DS in 2017; still, these are compatible with 1100+ classical and new games, bringing the ultimate Nintendo gaming wherever you go. These games are well time tried and acclaimed, so you will always have a long list to choose from.

The prices are nothing but great. There has never been a chance to purchase the handheld consoles by Nintendo so cheap and absolutely officially.

For example, the New Nintendo 3DS XL is just £134.99. For the price, you can also have a case or a stylus as a gift, plus Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, plus Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon (the one you select). For this very price, you can have a New Nintendo 2DS XL, with the same gifts, except for Animal Crossing game replaced with Mario Kart.

Various Nintendo Products at up to 50% Off!

To describe this offer, we’d have to copy and paste the entire Nintendo UK official store. This Black Friday various merchandise can be bought up to 50% cheaper, so if you want to add some Nintendo elements to your outfit or decorate your room in Nintendo style, the time has come. There are various plushes for your house, and hats, clothes, and accessories you can take with you along with your portable console. Games are also discounted now, up to 40%.

Free 2020 Calendar or Wrapping Paper with any Switch Model!

When you have a calendar on your phone and probably in your watch, having one on your wall is rather a declaration. You must be deep into something to pin up a styled calendar, and Nintendo has an offer for you if you are this kind. So Nintendo offers its great themed calendars for its most celebrated franchises. And some Christmas-themed wrapping paper with tags if you prefer those.

So, all you have to do is purchase a Nintendo Switch (regular or Lite version) at the Nintendo Official UK Store. As you place your order, there will be a field for a code. Enter this, and claim your Nintendo-themed Christmas Wrapping Paper or a themed calendar. Here are the codes in the alphabetical order:

  • MARIO (for Super Mario-themed calendar);
  • SAMUS (for Metroid-themed calendar);
  • ODYSSEY (for Super Mario Odyssey-themed calendar);
  • POKÉMON (for Pokémon-themed Calendar);
  • XMAS (for Christmas Wrapping Paper and Tags);
  • ZELDA (for The Legend of Zelda-themed calendar).

These offers can be used along with the aforementioned offers for Labo or NS Online, so you won’t have to choose. Grab all you want, and celebrate your Nintendo weekends!