12 Best iOS Apps Gone Free This Week

Are you searching for new useful and amusing apps? We have a pack of them! Look over twelve apps you can get for free this week. There are medical apps for daily use and self-study, stunning puzzlers, a competitive party-game, video and photo editing tools, vivid collage makers and other exciting things you would like to try. Save from $0.99 to $9 and have fun with apps that gone free this week.


Magicube app logo

Magicube is a fascinating pick-up-and-play game that includes two modes: classic and puzzle. In classic mode, you shift the parts around to gather the image. You’ll never be cornered because the components are wrapping around the grid. If you are searching for something more challenging, play in puzzle mode. In this mode, you come across blocked areas in the grid. 
The game has a minimalistic and colorful design you can enjoy while playing. At the same time, it doesn’t take you away from the primary goal. Save $0.99 and get it for free. 

Prop Fun Pro 

This app will make you and your friends laugh out loud. Create the funniest collages trying on the look of hero, monster, villain, or see how you would look with a beard. PropFun Pro doesn’t contain any advertising or watermarks, it’s also easy-to-use and just exciting! Make your selfies hilarious and bright with different effects and filters. 

Hollycool - Pro Video Editing

Hollycool - Pro Video Editing

Hollycool app helps you to make your videos more attractive with a range of editing features. You’ll get access to essential tools like rotating, deleting, trimming, splitting, etc. Color correction is also available, including filters, grading tools, and curves adjustments. You’ll also be able to add music and edit it through the app. Make something extraordinary, recording your soundtrack with effects. The app rates 4,4/5 on the AppStore and usually costs $1.99.

Movie Madness

Movie Madness app screenshot

Movie Madness is a perfect game to play at a party or during cozy evenings with friends. Prove you can name the names of actors and their parts. Every player takes a turn being the host that chooses a movie star. Then the host decides how many pictures the players have to name. And don’t forget about the time! If you can’t name the right number of movies - you’re out. 

You can get this fascinating competitive game for free instead of paying $8.99. 


Medi-Prompt game screenshot

Medi-Prompt is a reminder due to which you never forget to take your medicines or vitamins. If you take care of your health, this app becomes your reliable assistant. Add new medication and save essential information about it to take the right dose in time. You can customize the sound and schedule or make a pause if it’s necessary. Evaluate the efficiency of the app, saving $2.99. 


Emoly app screenshot

Emoly is a super convenient app for tracking your emotional state. You can track your current mood with icons that match your feelings. Choose various activities you take part in and identify how they influence your mood. After a few days of using, you’ll be able to analyze what makes you feel positive or negative emotions. The list of app features also includes inspirational quotes, passcode protection, the ability to edit the range of moods and activities. 

YoWindow Weather 

YoWindow Weather app screenshot

YoWindow Weather is a vivid app which will not only be useful but also will bring amusement to your daily routine. With its help, you can view the weather forecast during the day. The design includes beautiful landscapes with moving clouds, wind, rain, sun, and fog. You can choose a picture you like the most from the app collection of views or upload your own. 

Pocket Heart 

Pocket Heart app screenshot

Pocket Heart created by Pocket Anatomy Software is an interactive medical app. Healthcare professionals, software developers, and educators worked at this program. It provides you with over 30 thousand words of clinical and anatomical content. Interactive multimedia and intuitive interface make it easy and pleasurable to use. So if you are a medical student, this app is vital for your self-study. Get this app for free instead of $0.99 and improve yourself with the help of multimedia materials. 

Little Luca 

Little Luca game screenshot

Little Luca is a charming physics-based puzzle. You’ll probably like retro vibes of its design and soundtrack. The player has to pick up the stars missing in the sky. Gravity wells, portals, wind, and morphing shapes will help you in achieving this goal. It’s a perfect choice to feel the magic and train the brain during the 90 challenging levels. Try it for free instead of $7.99.


Wakerapper app screenshot

Wakerapper cares about your sleep. The app calculates the time of bed and wakes you up, taking into account real-time traffic and your morning routine factors. It also has a smart timer for your nap, recommending you the best time. Due to Wakerapper, you won’t oversleep and won’t be nervous because of a disruptive alarm sound. This app can wake you up with gradual lights.

Safety Note+

Safety Note+ app screenshot

Keep your notes private with Safety Note+. The app provides you with an advanced system, due to which you can keep personal passcode locked in an individual folder. Moreover, you can use a combination or keypad lock. Create reminders, notes, and to-do lists, and someone will be able to read them only if you share them . Get this assistant for free and save $1.99. 

Pic Lab Split Lens

Pic Lab Split Lens app screenshot

Pic Lab Split Lens by PSDC Creative will provide you with cool editing tools and exciting collages. Style your photos with colorful strikers, add text, and merge pictures. There are over 170 filters and more than 160 fonts. The app is a best seller in 47 countries, including the UK and the USA. So, join the club and have fun! 

Choose and Use

Take care of your health with Medi-Prompt and fix your sleep regime with Wakerapper. Train your brain with colorful and challenging puzzlers. Have fun with friends using the Movie Monster app or make them laugh, creating cool collages with Pic Lab Split Lens or Prop Fun Pro. Don’t forget to let us know what app was the most exciting and useful for you via comments. Share this post with your besties and subscribe to find out about the apps you can get for free next week.