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Angry Neighbor review

Angry Neighbor review

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Angry Neighbor is a quest game for Android released by Invictus Studio. The game parodies Hello Neighbor in a good way, and will definitely grab the attention of this series' fans.

Gameplay: Quest at it's finest 8/10

Angry Neighbor does not provide any revolutionary gameplay features. However, it manages to meet the modern standards for quest games. The main character has moved to a new house, and his new neighbor is behaving suspiciously. So the general aim of this quest is to reveal the secret of the character's neighbor by finding the keys and sneaking into his house.

There are several interesting puzzles throughout the game, for solving some of them, it is necessary to find specific objects and interact with boxes, chairs, trash cans and other stuff. Despite the fact there are many quest games, Angry Neighbor is not getting too serious. There are several interesting interactions and gameplay mechanics, which allow you to have some fun.

Graphics: Stylish, yet not perfect 6/10

The visual part of Angry Neighbor is not extremely attractive but neither it is repulsive. The visual style is in a way copied from Hello Neighbor, the graphics between these two games are very similar. The game is based on the Unity engine, the models clearly represent the corresponding objects, and the locations are moderately filled with various items.

Lasting appeal: Updates only 5/10

The replay value of this game is not so high. Yes, it is possible to mess around with the neighbor and have some fun, though it gets boring quite soon. After the game is complete, there is nothing to do and no reason to start a new game, so it is far from being roguelike. However, Angry Neighbor gets updated rather frequently, which makes it interesting to stop by from time to time.

Controls: Nothing special 6/10

Once again, the game does not bring anything new. You can move your character around the locations, pick up tools and interact with several kinds of objects. Angry Neighbor has very typical controls for the quest games, these controls work more or less properly, and that's it.

Conclusion: Do not treat it serious

To sum up, we can say that the game itself is worth trying, but is not the best choice for everyone. We recommend the fans of Hello Neighbor to treat it more like a parody, not a standalone game. And for those who have never played Hello Neighbor, we strongly recommend trying that game first.


  • Similar to Hello Neighbor in a good way
  • First completion is fun
  • Major and rather frequent updates
  • Most mechanics work properly


  • It's not better than Hello Neighbor
  • Replay value is rather low
Replay Value

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