What To Expect From Your Brazilian Wax

We’ve all heard about it, but a lot of us are a bit too weary to actually go through with it. A Brazilian wax is a procedure that goes beyond the simple bikini wax. Rather than only removing the hair that is around the front of our public region, the Brazilian wax will take off that front hair, the hair around back, and any bit of hair remaining in between. You will be left with a fine, smooth finish that can last any where from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

It’s understandable why women would be apprehensive about going in for a Brazilian wax. Not all too many of us ladies are fond of putting their private areas out on display for a complete stranger to see. But while you may be self conscious about your appearance, remember that those who provide Brazilian waxes are professionals and that they have “seen it all”.

Another concern that women have about waxing in general is the pain. True, it will hurt more than if you were just to simply shave the area, but the more times you go, the more you will adjust to the pain. Taking a couple of pain killing pills half an hour prior to your appointment will also go a long way in helping you control the pain. Once you have your first Brazilian done, you will see just why the pain was worth it. Pain is beauty, after all.

What to Expect

Brazilian waxes are usually done in a private room with a door so that there is no chance of anyone else other than the waxer of seeing you. The waxer will leave you alone so that you can remove your pants and undergarments in private, and then you will be asked to lie on a clean table. You can also request to have a paper thong to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Your hair only needs to be ¼ inch in length, so if your hair is a bit too long, the waxer may trim it so that it is the correct length. Next, a talcum powder will be applied to your skin so that the hot wax will not stick to it.

The wax is applied with a wooden spoon that is dipped into a pot of hot wax. The wax is the spread over your hair and skin. A cloth strip will then be pressed firmly down onto your hair, and then once the wax is cooled, the strip is pulled off in the direction opposite if your hair growth. The waxer will begin with the front and work their way to the back of your body (this may include the buttocks, if you request it).

When the waxing is complete, any stray hairs are then removed with tweezers. If you have chosen to keep a small strip of hair in the front (this is often referred to as the “landing strip”) she will trim this too and can even dye it upon request. A soothing lotion is applied over your waxed area. At home, you can use an aloe lotion to help keep red bumps and ingrown hairs at bay.