Recycling Gently Used Designer Clothing

The market for used clothing has grown over the past few years. Online consignment shops have created an area for fashionistas to buy, sell and exchange their gently used designer gear and find vintage items.

These shops are similar to outlets such as eBay, but they devote themselves exclusively to designer fashions, so you can peruse these shops for your favorite designers and perhaps even find pieces from a few seasons ago that you thought you would never again see.

Swaps and Exchanges

While most of these sites simply buy and sell designer goods, others work much like auction sites. If you find pieces you like, you can make an offer to see if you can get a bargain. In some cases, you can even offer to exchange an item of yours for something else. Of course, both parties have to agree to this exchange and you have to put your trust that the second party will comply with the agreement if you decide on the exchange.

Buying and Selling

The risks of exchanging items may be worthwhile for some, but for others it is easier just to buy and sell used designer clothing. This way, you can work with a shop such as Walk in My Closet that allows you to list your items in a consignment shop. You can go with a direct sale option in which you submit your items for approval and let the shop list your items. If it sells, it is up to you to process, handle and ship the items with a pre-paid shipping label from the company.

In many cases, the shop will take a lower commission with a direct sales agreement. However, you can also look into a concierge service in which you physically send in items to the shop to sell for you. Not only does it list your items, but it also photographs your items and retouches photos before listing. If your item sells, the shop handles the shipping for you. Of course, this also means that the shop takes a larger commission for the additional work.

“Window Shopping”

Sometimes you may not be in the immediate buying or trading market for used designer clothing, but you can still go to consignment sites to check out wish lists and virtual closets.

On some sites, designers, fashion editors and other fashion insiders from all over the world list their collections, their own or from their favorite designers, and offer designer duds for less. You can find fashions from all over the world including New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles and Venice. In some cases, you may also come across rare vintage finds.

The secret of designer consignment shops is out. Creating a virtual closet can be fun, but you can also recycle used designer clothing and accessories through these online consignment shops. Of course, you need to make sure the items you want to sell or exchange are in good condition. You also want to make sure you are dealing with a reliable shop in order to have smooth transactions.