Is Laser Hair Removal For Me

So you’re a waxer, or a shaver, or you like to thread or use depilatory cream to get rid of that unwanted hair. What ever the method may be, the dream of every woman is the same: a permanent solution that will put a stop to that hair growth in those unwanted areas.

Almost every woman has heard about laser hair removal, a method that is promoted as being some sort of way to permanently hair removal. But is it really all that it is meant to be?

PRO: Permanent Hair Removal

Who doesn’t like the idea of not having to have to shave or wax or pluck to get rid of those pesky hairs that we never wanted in the first place? Laser hair removal does offer the opportunity to have your hair gone PERMANENTLY whereas no other hair removal methods do.

CON: Not a One Shot Deal

A lot of women enter into a laser hair removal office thinking that after one treatment their hair will be gone. WRONG! It can take several treatments to permanently remove any hair that you have. You will certainly need to go for a few treatments in order to see any effects.

PRO: No more Hair Removal Costs

Think about how old you are and just how much money you have spent on hair removal products thus far in your life. Unless you are a teenager, chances are that you have spent hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on hair removal products. Save yourself the money and get it all done in one fell swoop. Laser hair removal offers permanent hair removal so no further hair removal products are required.

CON: Laser Hair Removal isn’t Cheap

To add to the above point, laser hair removal isn’t exactly cheap either. You can expect to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars per treatment, and you will need to go in for several treatments to enjoy any sort of benefit. Is it worth it? The cost of a $1 razor every 4 weeks may end up being less expensive and more “worth it” than laser hair removal.

PRO: It’s Painless

Most hair removal methods involve some element of pain. Think about it: waxing is definitely not a pleasurable experience, sugaring is hardly better, plucking makes us flinch and shaving may cause nicks and cuts. Laser hair removal totally removals any element of pain and suffering that we otherwise suffer with other hair removal methods. Lay back, relax, and enjoy – you won’t feel a thing!

CON: There is a possibility of Scarring

Laser hair removal involves the passing of a laser light source over the area that is being treated for hair loss. When ever there is a laser or a heat source involved in touching your skin, you always risk the possibility of scarring or becoming injured. Though it is not likely that you will leave any laser hair removal office with irreparable scars, there is always the possibility that you need to be aware of.