Elchim Professional Hair Dryer

It’s not enough when you get out of your house for work or socializing that you go out with hair that you just brushed. Go the extra mile for beauty with Elchim products. They have a wide range of hair dryers under the Elchim best professional hair dryer line that is sure to get everybody’s attention as you go about town.

Elchim has been providing professional salon stylists with the highest quality of products, most especially with the Elchim dryer, since the 1940s.  The popular and renowned stylists in every possible location in the world agree that the one from Elchim is the best hair dryer. For this, salon appliances under the Elchim brand are part of the list of the top hair dryers.  Throughout the years, the products from the Elchim Company maintained a character of style and quality. This comes from a design that is European in nature. There’s a balance of power, performance and work time, giving positive results for hair treated with the Elchim professional hair dryer.

The Elchim professional hair dryer uses high-pressure technology that gives higher air pressure for the hair, cutting the operating time for the blow dryer while your hair is kept far away from excess heat.  The Elchim blow dryer is a great tool to have in hairstyling for the fact that it uses negative ion technology on the hair. This actually reduces the size of water molecules which then allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft.  This is also the technology that allows you to dry your hair in half the time. The way that the Elchim professional hair dryer works are such that your hair is smoothened down with the negative ions. This goes to the cuticle as well, which results in shinier hair.  Any kind of frizz on your hair will be taken out and smoothened away.

With regard to how these negative ions are produced in the Elchim professional hair dryer, there are two schools of thought that govern this process.  There is the spark method and there is the negative ion generating system method. In the first stage, a spark is created making negative ions. These only last for a few seconds for they are neutralized in that short time.  This is an inexpensive way to go and most manufacturers use this method. But after you blow dry your hair with their products, you get none of the benefits of the negative ions.

Elchim professional hair dryers go further with the second method.  It’s a bit expensive, but you can never put a price on beautiful hair.  This is where the negative ions are produced continuously. They are never neutralized so that upon finishing your hair drying, your hair is smoother, shinier and more beautiful.  With those results in mind, it’s easy to make the investment and buy a hair dryer from the Elchim brand. Yes, you’re going to spend now; but in the long run, you reap the benefits.  You can never go wrong with fantastic looking hair.