Considering Laser Hair Removal Read This First

Hair removal is the bane of every woman’s existence. No, we do not enjoy shaving our legs on a daily basis or tweezing our eyebrows every morning, and we especially don’t enjoy enduring painful wax treatments. If only there was some way for the hair to be just be gone and be gone for good…

Laser hair removal offers as close of an alternative to this as it gets. Though it is often mistaken to be a permanent hair removal method, it is actually a permanent hair reduction method. The good news is that for many women the hair reduction is enough to allow them to reduce the amount of time they would otherwise have spent using other hair removal methods, or they may be able to forego shaving, waxing and tweezing all together.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal involves using a hand held laser device that is held close to the skin. This “laser” sends out a pulsing light to the skin which seeks out the hair follicle and then “impairs” the root of the hair. This impairment will cause the hair to fall out some time within the following two weeks, and it doesn’t grow back for a 2 to12 months, depending on an individual’s hair growth.

What’s so Great about Laser Hair Removal?

Having to shave and wax less is a real plus, especially for women who have thicker, darker or coarser hair that is a cause for embarrassment. Laser hair removal can reportedly reduce the hair on a woman’s body at any given time by 40% to 80%, so hair will definitely be less noticeable to everyone.

Another good thing about laser hair removal is that it doesn’t take a lot of time. Though you will need to go back for repeat treatments from time to time, a large area can be treated all at once, and you are in and out of the clinic in no time. For women who hate having to allow their hair to grow out before a waxing or a sugaring treatment, you do not need to do this for a laser hair removal treatment. You can go in even when your legs are still smooth and hairless.

What’s Not so Great about Laser Hair Removal?

The biggest drawback to this method of hair removal is that it’s not cheap. Laser hair removal can cost thousands of dollars, depending on what area of the body you are focusing on, so it’s not exactly something that is affordable to anyone. Give that multiple treatments are going to be needed to attain a desired affect, this needs to be taken into account by anyone considering laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal also works in such a way that the laser targets dark hair. So if you have lighter skin with light body hair, or dark skin with dark hair, the laser may not be able to accurately target your hairs. The ideal candidate is someone with light skin and dark hair.

Lastly, any sort of laser treatment can potentially cause burning, blistering, and scarring, so do be aware that this may occur after a treatment.