6 Things to Remember to Put Into Your Wedding Budget

After the excitement of an engagement wears off, many brides turn their focus towards wedding planning. This process can be extremely exciting and stressful at the same time. After all, it is difficult to plan the wedding you have been dreaming of with a limited amount of funds.

More importantly, while you are planning, certain unexpected expenses will arise, like the cost of wedding jewelry. To help prevent budgeting problems, plan ahead now to pay for the following expenses.

1. Gifts for Your Wedding Party

First, make sure that you have budgeted to give your wedding party gifts. This is a nice way to thank them for participated in your special day. A lot of times these gifts are personalized so that the wedding party will remember their experience. Brides commonly get their bridesmaids the following gifts:

  • Makeup bags and totes
  • Jewelry
  • T-shirts
  • Robes
  • Pajamas

The groom often looks for more manly gifts like golf sets, gym bags, or cufflinks.

2. Jewelry

In order to look complete on your wedding day, you want to have the right jewelry. For most women this is diamonds. It is the perfect compliment to their wedding ring. A great pair of earrings or a modern statement necklace will coordinate well with your dress and help you look amazing on your special day.

3. Makeup

Next, you will probably need your makeup done for the day of your wedding. Some brides also want their makeup done for their bridal pictures. It is important to realize that hiring a professional makeup artist can be expensive.

They usually charge a day rate for their services. If you want your makeup done for the wedding, you should research prices. Then, you should test out different artists to determine which one you like best. Generally, the makeup artist will offer a test for a small fee.

4. Hair

In addition to makeup, many brides want their hair professionally styled on their wedding day. This is expected. After all, you want to look great in the pictures. However, this also comes with a fee. Furthermore, most brides get their hair colored and cut a week or two before the wedding so that it is in perfect condition on the wedding day. This too is an additional cost that your budget may not have anticipated.

5. Postage

Another added expense to the wedding budget is postage. This expense adds up quickly the more invites you send. This is especially true when the cost of stamps seems to rise every year. Although you could invite everyone to your wedding via e-cards, it is much more personal to invite them with a formal printed invitation.

6. Lingerie

Finally, although lingerie is not directly involved in the wedding, you will need it afterwards. You will probably want a few nice pieces for your honeymoon. This is also an extra expense that most people forget about when they are budgeting for a wedding.

Although it might seem like the expenses never end, try to focus on what matters most – the commitment you are about to make. Enjoy the process and try to plan now for all that you will have to pay for.