5 Top Shaving Tips

There may be waxing, there may be sugaring, and there may be a number of different depilatory creams out there for women to use to remove hair, but no method is as popular as shaving. Shaving is by far the least expensive form of hair removal, and it can be finished in mere minutes.

The follies of shaving are the nicks that we experience, the skin irritation, and the dryness our skin may suffer. Here are some tips that can make your shaving experience a good one (and possibly keep your skin hair-free for longer!):

Tip #1: Wet your Skin

There’s nothing worse than trying to shave your legs (or any other area of the body) than trying to do so with dry skin. You want to make sure that your skin is wet. Having your skin moistened allows your hair to become softer, and it helps loosen up the dead skin cells that would otherwise clog up your razor.

TIP: Dead skin cells will not only clog up you razor, but it also increases your risk of suffering from nicks and cuts.

Tip #2: More Razor Blades doesn’t mean it’s Better

These days it seems that there is a new razor blade every year coming out, offering more blades and other small little “benefits” that they will try to make seem useful to you. We all got along just fine without having a vibrating razor, so that’s a feature you can skip. We also don’t really need any more than 1 or 2 razors on a blade. That’s right, you can skip the expensive 4 to 5 razor razorblades that are on store shelves and opt for the more basic models.

One feature that will make shaving easier and more pleasurable is to choose a razor that has a moisture or aloe strip. This strip not only hydrates the skin, but it makes shaving more smooth and will help prevent you from nicking your skin.

Tip #3: Shaving cream is Shaving cream

The “beauty” industry is a scheming market, coming up with products for things that we don’t really need. If you have walked the aisles of a drugstore, you may notice that oftentimes women’s shaving cream costs more than men’s. How do they justify it? Well, women’s shaving cream contains different formulas and moisturizers and it’s better for sensitive areas and…

This is all a joke. Even the most basic shaving cream that was on the shelves 20 years ago is more than suitable to help both men AND women prevent nicks and cuts. Men’s shaving cream is often less expensive and offers the same benefits. Choose one that is scent-free or has hardly any odor and you’re good as gold.

Tip #4: Shaving in All Directions

Though the hair on your legs will usually grow in only one direction, other areas of the body may have hair that grows in all different directions. One particular area that is shaven is the armpit, which has hair sprouting out at all different angles. Make sure you do a sort of “t” shape when you shave your armpits to ensure that you have cut all of the hair.

Tip #5: Always Hydrate your Skin

If you want those super smooth legs after a shave, always make sure that you apply a moisturizing product, such as a hydrating lotion or baby oil to your legs.